It takes a village to raise a family. To grow into one's full potential takes the backbone of a family.
Herein lies the undeniable interconnection in communities.

lotus blossom

The lotus grows from the murky waters of a pond, but the lotus blossoms when it completes its path to the surface and is able to receive the warmth and light of the sun. In many ways, diseases and unfortunate happenings of a person's body and life path are like the murky waters. Because of them we can move, change, open and reach the beauty of our own potential to heal.

heart_chinese_character In Chinese Medicine, we learn that the Heart must have an empty space inside, as in the symbol, in order to have presence, awareness and to be able to nourish and contain our own spirit. It is with this open heart that I strive to see people who step into our office. I am constantly repeating my mantra: open, moving, healing. Everything in nature is moving and changing. Our bodies have an insurmountable power to heal. Herbs, acupuncture and massage all work with the body’s innate capabilities to remember a movement into more ease, less effort…. Empowering breath to create awareness.
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