Chinese Herbs



Using plants as medicine, can be traced back to early Chinese farmers and family lineages of scholars over 2,000 years ago. The beauty of Chinese herbal formulas is in their deep connection to nature, using plants and minerals to treat bodies as a whole system and an ancient understanding of our inter-connection with the Earth. Classical Chinese formulas have been used since the Han Dynasty in China (206 BCE — 220 CE), and still show efficacy throughout the world today.

Many of the ancient Chinese sages were also herbalists and sought the use of plants to restore health by supplementing the life-force of the body with medicinal herbs. By this method, they brought about harmony within the body. Most of today’s extracted and man-made symptom-based treatments, use the body's life force to create a chemical change that will improve that one symptom, but therefore leave the rest of the body, which is a whole system, relatively void of that precious life force. In this way, side effects are born. Because the Chinese herbalist views the body as a whole, the same dysfunction in two individuals may require a very different formula for treating. Each person is treated as an individual.
The patient’s pulse, the signs and symptoms present, and abdominal diagnostic findings, are used to determine a patient’s herbal formulation. Chinese herbal formulas are gradual and complimentary to the body, harmonizing all organ systems. The results may sometimes take longer than with many western medicines, but do not have the often unwanted side effects of western medicines. It is the acupuncturist’s intention that the patient feels improvement, within the time frame of completing the first full prescription.
Herbal medicine is supplied as a powder and taken 2 - 4 times daily in warm water. The price ends up being about $5 per day. The herbs used are from companies who test and process in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification guidelines.